Monday, January 24, 2011

Abnormal Dentition!!

Interesting topic..Me myself dunno how to translate it..But GOOGLE TRANSLATE help in to identify the problem that I need to face right now..

Hello once again <'//><

Abnormal Dentition..It's a problem that relate to our teeth. If I'm not mistaken, I realize that my teeth grow in abnormal way. Which is not grow like the others teeth.It is hard to explain through word here.I hope I could find a picture of it.

Next plan it to pull out the teeth. But, the problem now is I wanted to find a cheapest cost dentist.hehehe.Dear, Im not lokek here k but I need to be a smart patient.hahaha..

My advise to all of us who has teeth.Do take care of your teeth.Dun let it to conquer u.Brush ur teeth at least twice a day.Don't smoke and drink alcohol.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year

Hye <'//><

Yeaaaahhh!! Is new year 2011..I hope everything will go fine and accordingly..Today 13 January 2011. The day I fall sick. But, thanks for my good and great 'geng' which is always be with me along this day. Im happy for it even if my throat is full with mucus..hehehe...

In this new year, all I wanted is to help my family in any types help they needed. I want to be more stronger then last year. In God's will, I'm going to work with DMR. But, I still wait for the answer from our Electrical Engineer. I will enter the new stages of life which I waiting for a fews years already.

This year, it will be memorable for me cause I have someone to share my love which is 'YOU'..hehehe..I hope u will accept me as ur 'bongok geng'..

God, please fill me with ur strong spirit so I can do what YOU have plan for me..AMEN..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello <'//><

Sedar x sedar dh thn 2011..Rasa mcm mimpi jak..P xpa juak..Life must move forward..Byk juak kenangan yg telah terukir pada thn 2010..Sedih n manis ditempuhi dgn hati yang selamba dan penuh sabar..But, kadang2 rasa mok mengalah jak ngan smua tok..P da org pdh..'PROBLEM, I have a Big GOD!!'So, dats word polah ku pikir n pikir yg smua mslh tok da jalan penyelesaian kedirik..Pa yg ptg cara kita mok over come masalah ya..

Tahun 2011 membuka tirai..Semoga semua sukses dlm thn 2011..kurang'n manis dalam minuman..